So, it’s like this…


So, this wasn’t the way I’d intended to start my blog. Really. I wanted to tinker with it and make all pretty and shiny and post all of my crafty and cooking stuff here so I could share it with everyone. If you’re reading this, you probably already know that I’m doing “Year Of Making” over on Instagram and I get a lot of requests for patterns and recipes. Which is all incredibly flattering and terrific and I’m thrilled that people think my knitting and crocheting and cooking looks like something they’d like to make for themselves, but it gets a little cumbersome when it comes to sharing stuff with multiple people, mainly because my 49-year-old brain can’t always remember who wanted what.

And I can’t always trust my scribbles on sticky notes, either. I usually find one that says something like “LA, pasta recipe, no fish, change to chix” or something like that. And while I know perfectly well that LA is LeeAnn and that she doesn’t eat fish I am absolutely at a loss when it comes to remembering which pasta recipe she’s asked for. So there’s that, too.

Anyway, this is my roundabout way of coming around to last night’s cryptic posts on Instagram and Twitter. I’m not a person who beats around the bush when it comes to the important stuff, so here goes…I have cancer.

My dentist found a lump on the floor of my mouth during an exam a few weeks back, so she shooed me off to the University of Pennsylvania’s dental school to be examined by an oral surgeon. I got my biopsy results yesterday morning.

I saw my primary care physician in the afternoon and as a former boss once said, we huddled. My next doctor’s visit is to an ENT (otolaryngology, or ear, nose and throat) specialist and I should have my referral this afternoon. Other than this lump of insane little cells invading my personal space, I’m in perfect health.

Like the author Lisa Scottoline’s late mother once said, “Aside from all this shit, I’m fine.”

So, this will not be a cancer blog. Sure, I’ll post about it and talk about it because I’ll need to, but it won’t be the focus of it because there are other things to yap about. Right?

Besides, I’m fine. Aside from all of this shit, of course. 












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  1. (…a friend of @washingtina ‘s) to explain how I ended up at your blog). Sending MANY supportive thoughts. (and “shit” aside I think with blogging it’s best just to start somewhere — if we all waited until it was pretty enough there wouldn’t be many blogs out there!!) Take care of yourself….

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    • Thanks, Paula! I really, really appreciate it. 140 characters really isn’t enough sometimes and I want to use it as a way to keep myself from dwelling on the medical stuff. “That way madness lies”… or something like that.


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