A Wednesday Afternoon Quickie


Now doesn’t that sound intriguing?

You know, I had this big think piece draft about knitting and how I learned to knit and how I’m cross-handed which isn’t ambidextrous and how hard it was to learn knitting and…it’s gone. It’s somewhere in the ether or lost in the cloud, but it’s gone forever. And I am not looking for it.

Which is probably a good thing, since it was pretty wordy. Most of that post was about how I rediscovered my creativity through knitting and crocheting and how I was missing that in my life and how wonderful it feels to be inspired to make things again and how fantastic it is to teach crocheting and inspire people to make things on their own.

So, yeah. Wordy. Oh yes, she did!

Instead of recreating the post, I’ll just leave you with a picture of my latest project. This is not my pattern; it’s a “Thank You” gift for a good friend of mine who gifted me with many, many knitting books late last year.

Knitting rocks.

eta: This is not my pattern and I don’t own the copyright to it. I’m not allowed to sell the pattern or anything other than mittens crafted from the pattern. Please do not slurp or use this picture for your own use, because I do own the copyright to photos of my own work.


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