Got Yarn?


I have a lot to do .

I mean, I’ve got tons to do. It seems every time I turn around there’s something else screaming, “Yo! Let’s do this!”

“You up there! Remember me? Don’t forget me!”

“Do you have any idea how much this twisted stitch hurts? Are you ever going to fix this?”


I have a pair of mittens that I started knitting in March (March, for goddess’s sake) as a thank you present for a friend of mine who gifted me with a box of knitting books she no longer wanted. March was almost six months (six months!) ago. I really need to finish those and send them off to her.

And there’s a pair of socks that I’m also making for someone else. I have the yarn and I have the pattern and I know she’ll love them, but I’m the kind of knitter who just can’t stick to the script or the pattern. So now I have a variation I have to play with before I can actually knit them and mail those, too.

I have a sock that needs its mate, another that needs to be finished so it can join its mate and about three quarter’s of one sleeve of one cardigan done, which I think is about 8.6% of a completed sweater, if my math is right.

My yarn basket looks like a yarn shop exploded.

The yarn closet situation isn’t any better.

Did I mention I have a lot of yarn? Like, half a closet full of yarn?

And that I just bought more?

I am, however, entirely and completely justified in all of this. I’m going to have a lot of downtime and I’ll need to keep myself busy since I am completely incapable of sitting still for long periods of time. If we’ve got the TV on, which is pretty much all of the time, I’m usually knitting something, reading about knitting something, figuring something out about knitting or troubleshooting my latest knitting project.

Sometimes I’ll mix it up with crocheting just, just because, you know. Or I’ll pick up a cookbook or a cooking magazine if I feel like getting all wild and crazy.

And I know that you already know I’ve got a lot of those, too.


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