Can I Have A YARN Scan, Instead?


I got an email from my good friend Elliott the other day. I’d been keeping him up-to-date about everything that’s been going on and I mentioned that I was going to have a CAT scan. 

Elliott and I have been friends for 30 some-odd (some of them very odd, believe me) years and his sense of humor lies somewhere in between Berke Breathed and Monty Python.


His reply didn’t disappoint me.

So why are there CAT scans and PET scans, but no DOG scans?  Is it because dogs are dumber?  And why does this sound like a bad Jerry Seinfeld routine?


And whenever I hear the phrase “CAT scan”, I think of something like this…

New Governement Cat Scan

Anyway, today’s my CAT scan day. I’m going to buy some sock yarn before then to make up for it. 



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