“Saved By Zero”


So, I did something this afternoon I haven’t done in well over a decade.

Get your mind out of the gutter. I did homework. Income-Book

Really. I read most of chapter one and put homework deadlines and exam dates into my Google calendar. I watched my professor’s “getting to know you” video and posted my “getting to know me” student thread on the class forum. I discovered that my online textbook can be watched like a lecture and that the review questions are all interactive. I did a review session that wouldn’t let me move on to the next section until I got the answers right. It’s all very, very cool.

I won’t set foot in a classroom this semester, may never meet my classmates face-to-face. And if I play my cards right, I won’t have to drive over to the campus until it’s time to renew my ID card, which would be sometime next year.

This, my friends, is an introvert’s dream come true.

accountant-dogI could get really used to this. Don’t get me wrong; I really love the whole classroom experience, I always have. And I’m thinking that when I start taking my upper level accounting and business courses at Villanova in a few years I may have to take them in a traditional classroom setting. I can regale those youngsters with tales about how it was in the old days when all we had were 17” laptops with half-a-terabyte hard drives.

Kids these days. Hmph.

But until then, I’m perfectly happy to sit here in my little air-conditioned world, on my ass, on my comfy couch working away at my coursework at my own pace. This is a whole new world and while it looks like a lot of work right now, it’ll all get done.

How do you eat a chocolate bar the size of an elephant? One bite at a time, of course, silly rabbit.

Or one chapter, per week, until the middle of December.


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